The District offers two unique water management services; uniformity evaluations and irrigation scheduling.

Uniformity evaluations are a key conservation practices used to measure the efficiency of the pivot when applying water.

Irrigation Scheduling promotes water conservation through the use of a tool created by MSU that uses forecasted rainfall amounts to help growers manage their water resource.  By using this service it also helps growers when it is time to complete their water use reports as the District completes a year-end report of total amounts of irrigation applied to individual fields.

To sign up download the irrigation evaluation contract or irrigation scheduling contract and return them to the District office.

Contact the District office for more information.



Help our county plant more trees!!

The ReLEAF project was started due to an increase in the amount of trees being cut in our county. This project helps to mitigate the loss of those trees by planting new ones in areas within St Joseph County that have been ranked as critical areas, mostly due to erosion problems. The goal of the St. Joseph County Conservation District is to plant 5,000 each year.

This program is financially supported by Enbridge, Park Township, St. Joseph County Parks and Recreation, County Commissioners and YOU, as well as your Conservation District. If you know of an area, public or private, that needs to have trees planted, contact our office to inquire how to apply for this program. 




Our annual River Cleanup Project will begin sometime in May/June and end in September/October. Visit our events page for the current calendar.

This year we will continue to have volunteers help clean our many rivers and streams in our St. Joseph Watershed. The District would like to thank the many volunteers that helped us clean over 20 miles of rivers in 2014.  We are seeking a coordinator for the 2015 season they should love to kayak/canoe, love our rivers and love getting wet. If you know of anyone interested, please contact our office.

We are looking forward to continuing the success of our project and anticipate cleaning another 20 to 25 miles this year on 6 different rivers this year.

Visit our FACEBOOK PAGE for updates on our river cleanups.



Join our Bug Brigade Team on April 13, 2019 and October 5, 2019 for Macro Invertebrate collection.  This program entails collection of small aquatic bugs called macro invertebrates from the river. They are identified, counted and then this information is entered into the MI Corps data base.  The identification of these macro invertebrates allow us to see how diverse the population is in the river.  If there is a wide variety of aquatic bugs then the water quality is excellent.  The less variety of aquatic insects in the river the lower the quality of water we have.  Once we know the quality of water two things can happen.  If excellent quality, the river is visited twice a year for data collection.  If the quality is poor, then a team investigates why this river may have problems. Click here for more information or visit https://micorps.net/



The Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program (MAEAP) provides educational, technical and financial assistance to agricultural producers and residents to identify and reduce groundwater contamination risks. The program encourages individuals to take voluntary, proactive steps to protect Michigan’s water quality and, therefore the quality of drinking water. Purchases of nitrogen fertilizers and pesticides support the program. Agricultural producers who participate in the program can become environmentally assured through the Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program (MAEAP). Environmental assurance indicated the farm is in conformance with state and federal environmental laws and guidelines, and that it is protecting Michigan’s important natural resources for the use of future generations. For further assistance contact Mike Censke at michael.censke@mi.nacdnet.net or at (269) 467-6336 x5.



In an effort to promote conservation of our natural resources, the St. Joseph County Conservation District has a no-till drill available to rent. No-till farming protects soil and water by minimizing disturbance of the ground before planting into residue left by the previous year's crop.

The St. Joseph County Conservation District in partnership with the Michigan DNR has the Truex No Till Drill available to rent.

For pricing and to schedule a date to rent the Truex no-till drill, please call the Conservation District office at 269.467.6336 x5.