DONATE to the Tree Sale
Our annual spring tree sale is our main fundraiser of the year. Each year we sell an average of 3,000 trees to residents which help to preserve one of our largest natural resources, soil. Trees prevent “mini” dust bowls from occurring and help to maintain healthy topsoil for our producers. Trees are also used to promote diverse wildlife by providing habitat for animals. Lastly, research has proven that communities that have trees also have more community pride.

DONATE to the ReLEAF Project
The ReLeaf Project was born out of citizen concern over the loss of tree lines & fence rows. Our goal is to plant 5,000 trees across the county based on critical areas of need. Every dollar ($1.00) donated will purchase two (2) trees that will be planted on a designated area determined by a panel of soil experts. Interested landowners who would like their property evaluated for plantings may contact the Conservation District or NRCS at (269) 467-6336 x5 or by email at stjoecountycd@gmail.com to register their land.

DONATE to the River Cleanup Project
St. Joseph County has over 150 miles of navigable waterways; more than any other county in Michigan. We have made it a priority to clean our counties waterways so that the residents and visitors may enjoy their beauty. In order to accomplish our goal we have set out to clean approximately 30 miles per summer so that all 150 miles would be complete in the 5 year project life. We are now entering into our 4th year and have completed 76.4 miles, removing approximately 5.69 tons of scrap debris, 1.13 tons of garbage debris (ie signs, calf hutch, jeep hardtop and general paper trash), and 112 tires. With your support we will be able to continue this project by paying for the miles of cutting provided, which allow for the waterways to be navigable.

DONATE to 5th Grade Conservation Days
We partner with Michigan State University Extension (MSUE) each year to promote the environment and natural sciences to the counties 5th grade students. Each May 5th graders converge on Langley Park in Centreville to tour different booths that promote the environment; in the past we have had recycling, soil education, pond ecology, and wildlife education to name a few. As part of this program the Conservation District donates a White Pine seedling to each child to take home and plant. Through your support of this program it will continue to educate the youth of our county on the importance of our natural resources and the conservation of those resources.

DONATE to the Local Food Festival
The Local Food Festival was organized to promote the diverse produce found in our county. Each August we host a meal prepared by Chef John Farrand of Boundary Waters, Sturgis. Over 80% of the meal is prepared with food that has been donated by local producers. We offer booths for the producers so that they may be available for community members who wish to stop to talk about the products. Through your generous donation we hope to grow this event to educate our residents on the amazing food that is grown right here in St. Joseph County.

Make a general DONATION
Our financial resources are not well-known to the public; most assume our budget is completely funded either by the State of Michigan or by St. Joseph County. Here in St. Joseph County we are blessed to have citizens and Commissioners who support our mission, “assisting landowners through responsive and cost effective programs, in the wise management of the natural resources of St. Joseph County towards the pursuit of a healthy environment today and for future generations” through a county appropriation of $14,000. Unfortunately this does not cover all the cost associated with running & creating new programs that serve our residents. Your generous donation to the general fund will help us with overhead costs that are incurred through the running of our conservation programs.


To volunteer for any of our programs please contact the volunteer coordinator at the Conservation District office at (269) 467-6336 x5 or email us at stjoecountycd@gmail.com.